Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Minutes of Parents Forum Meeting 27th of February

Westlake Girls High School Parent Forum meeting on 27 February 2012

Present: Roz Mexted, Barbara Scholten, Petra Vencatachellum, Beth Porteaus, Yvette George, Wendy Calder Jennings
Apologies: Tania McDonald, Caroline Thompson, Sandy Cootes
Treasury report:
There have been no out-goings this month
Account balance: $2,199.84
Minutes from last meeting accepted as true and correct:
Moved: Barbara Scholten                               2nd: Petra Vencatachellum
Matters arising from last minutes:

·         The Parent Forum blog on the website has had 1653 visitors to date

·         Student representative/s still need to be selected – Roz Mexted will help with selection

·         Caroline Thompson is leaving, she was to be our liaison person from the teaching body

·         The AGM will be held in the staff room on 30 April 2012 with Roz Mexted as guest speaker and a light supper. Is was suggested that we have an RSVP in regards to catering.
Matters arising today:
Parent/Teacher Interviews:  21 and 27 March 2012
Beth would need help with catering on the days of the Parent/Teacher interviews on 21st and 27th March from 2pm to 5.30. Needs help with catering and tidying up/cleaning.
Petra can help with the gluten free baking, but is not available to help on those days
Yvette is available to help

End of Year morning tea:

We discussed the end of year/November morning tea provided to staff from the Parent Forum
Suggestions were made to change it to a lunch so all staff can participate which was agreed

Parent Forum supplies the catering for this event with the help of the parent and grand-parent body of the school

Parents also have the opportunity to donate presents that will raffled off at the luncheon

It was discussed that in the future we could have a combined “end of year” luncheon with Westlake Boys High School
Discussion Blog:
Open discussions are encouraged
The minutes of the Parent Forum will also be posted there
Goals need to be established to build up funds
Everything that is donated to the school will have a plague

We are aiming to have something happening each term with one major event for the year
This year we are planning on having the “Style Doctors” in term 3 – Petra to get in touch with them and book them

The school is organising an events manager part time.
The ‘man-power’ from the Parent Forum will be required for various things like parking warden, pointing people in the right direction etc.

The board has ratified proposal for new uniform, there are no details as to when, what it is going to look like or any other questions that may arise; the consulting process is just beginning
Meeting closed:  8.45pm
Next meeting:  26 March 2012, 7.30pm Westlake Girls High School

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