Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Glamming for Jethro

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
One of our sponsors for the 'Style Doctors" has asked me to support her on this journey for Jethro.
Please have read and if you are able to support her, it would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.


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The Edge 94.2 & The Elephant Wrestler bring you…
"Glamming for Jethro"

Jethro is a two year old boy from Auckland and is one of the youngest people in the world to be diagnosed with an extremely rare and incurable disease, Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.

The ultra-rare genetic condition effects the blood and causes chronic and progressive life-threatening kidney failure.

The only shot he has at a long life is a $500,000 a year experimental drug called Solaris, which has been approved in the United States for children in Jethro's condition, but is not funded by Pharmac because of the cost.

Friends and family of Jethro's parents, Shannon Gantley and Louis Morrow, have been rallying to raise money for the drug themselves.

Helping to raise funds for Jethro’s ultra-rare genetic condition
Treatments on the day
Hair Straighten

$ 10.00 Brow Shape

$ 12.00
Hair Curls

$ 15.00 Brow Tint

$ 12.00
Head Massage (10mins)

$ 10.00 Lash Tint

$ 12.00
Neck & Shoulder Massage (10mins)

$ 15.00 Mini Makeups

$ 25.00
Hand and Arm massage (10mins)

$ 10.00 Mini Manicures

$ 15.00
Foot Massage (10mins)

$ 15.00 Mini Pedicures

$ 15.00

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