Monday, 2 September 2013

Minutes Parents Forum Meeting 27th of August 2013



27 AUGUST 2013




Present: Julia, Annuska, Penny, Wendy, Jo, Denise, Barbara, Julie Saikkonen


Apologies: Kristina, Eliza, Petra, Tania, Beth



Minutes from last meeting:


Moved:            Jo                                             Seconded: Annuska


Matters arising:  See below


Correspondence: none


Treasurer’s Report:    N/A


General Business:


We have received 100 USB girlies

International Department:                 60 USB =) still to $ 1.200.00

Dean Flyger:                                        25 already received $ 500.00

Grant Brown:                                      3 =) still have to receive $ 60.00

Annuska :                                             1  =) $ 20.00

Roz:                                                       1 as a gift

Left over with Barbara:                      10 ($ 200.00)


Total sales:                                          $ 1.980.00 (one USB given as a gift to Roz)

Costs in NZ$ (currency 2/09:              $ 1.311.89


Profit for Student Welfare Fund: $ 688.11


Next order 400 USB’s , will get to NZ in about 3 weeks.


Kathy Reichs event:

-          Email WBHS and WGHS went out to all parents.

-          Interview North Shore Times with Mandie – Parents Forum will do interview and Roz will support the event.

-          Instead of 3 girls and 3 boys interviewing Kathy, we will have 6 students from WGHS, criteria up to Roz and senior management.

-          Petra will hire the glasses

-          Jo: liquor licence

-          Petra and Kristina: Sushi

-          Beth and Barbara: crackers/cheese /Brazilian cheese bread and wine and juice



Old uniform: contact Provina, she will show us the way to send things to Fiji, Samao/ Tonga


Organize uniform voucher of $ 500.00 for raffle. Sent out general email informing the parents. Draw of the raffle will be done before Labour Day.


Meeting closed 9 pm


Next meeting


24th of September – Kathy Reichs event

22nd of October

Friday the 9th November Teacher Morning Tea

Last meeting 26th of November



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