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Minutes Meeting 26th of November 2013


26 November 2013



Present: Barbara Scholten, Jo Duncan, Beth Porteous, Julia Vencatachellum, Petra Praschnig, Kristina, Penny Meads, Wendy Calder-Jennings


Apologies: Tania McDonald, Eliza Mackay, Susan Quinn, Annuska Menoita


Minutes from last meeting:
Moved:  Petra Praschnig                    Second:  Barbara Scholten


Matters arising: none


Correspondence: Nil


Treasures Report:

Balance at last meeting:                                                                                             $ 4,416.40


Cathy Reichs:

Auckland City – Liquor licence                                   $     64.40

Archers Sushi                                                              $   525.00

BM Porteous                                                               $   130.00

Roz Allardice – USB Sticks                                          $1,202.58

B/J GST of T/T                                                             $      25.00_________________________

                                                                                    $1,946.98                                $ 2,469.42                                                                     


USB sticks – WGHS                                                      $1,700.00

USB sticks – Sales WGHS                                            $   100.00

Cathy Reichs - Donations                                            $   100.00

Cathy Reichs – Food and Wine                                   $   338.00

Cathy Reichs – Eftpos takings                                     $   132.00

USB sticks – WGHS                                                      $   200.00

USB sticks – WGHS                                                      $4,000.00_________________________

                                                                                    $6,570.00                                $ 9,039.42

Income USB sticks to date:                 $6,000.00


Cathy Reichs:  Expenditure:    $ 719.40

                        Income:           $ 570.00  

            Loss:                    -       $ 149.40


Moneys still to come:

·         Cathy Reichs – Friends of the Library:            $      70.00

Barbara to send an email to Sarah Thornton in this regard.

·         There are still moneys outstanding from WGHS for USB sticks supplied

·         Barbara to get a receipt book to record USB sticks supplied to WGHS

·         Beth to talk to Roz at payments office to collect money for sold USB sticks

·         $1,000.00 are still to come from Roz Mexted for our contribution for the old uniform sale in July 2013 


Teachers’ Morning Tea:

The morning tea has been a great success.

·         The teachers loved it and had a really good time and appreciated all the wonderful food and presents that were raffled off.

·         Kings Plant Barn on Forrest Hill Road lent us plants for decorating the staff room. Thank you very much for your ongoing support of Westlake Girls High School and the Parent Forum.

·         We would like to thank all the parents who contributed to this successful day with their baking and also help on the day.

·         Thank you to the parents who donated presents for the teachers. All 30+ presents were much appreciated.


Matters arising:

·         No decision has been in regard to “Golden Gown” fundraiser

·          The Parent Forum needs to be included in the VOICE newsletter under the heading “Community”

·         Barbara to talk to Helen in regard to the notice from the Parent Forum to be included in the VOICE

·         We will discuss the prize for the Prize Giving 2014 in more detail in 2014


End of Year Christmas Function:

Venue: Barbara Scholten, 55a Saddleback Rise, Mairangi Bay

Date:  29 November 2013

Time:  from 6.30pm onwards

Please bring a plate

Please confirm with Barbara if you are coming


Meeting closed at 8.45pm


We would like to thank all the parents/caregivers/families of Westlake Girls High School   for their ongoing support of the Parent Forum.

A special thank you goes to the dedicated staff that has been supportive of our efforts. The Management Team has been extremely helpful with their insights and support of our ideas at our meetings. 


We wish you all a very joyous and relaxed Christmas and a very happy and successful

New Year. We hope to welcome you in 2014, our door is always open.


First meeting in 2014:  25 February 2014 at 7.30pm in the staff room. 

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