Tuesday, 8 May 2012

AGM Parents Forum

Dear parents and caregivers,

First we would like to thank all the parents who have emailed us showing their interest in the Parents Forum. At the AGM we had the pleasure of meeting several of you, thank you so much for coming. We hope you will be present at the coming meetings as well. As discussed we do need your support in order to be successful.

The elections went well and the following officers were elected:

Barbara Scholten:     Chairperson
Bridgitte Ferguson:   Secretary
Beth Porteous:           Treasurer

The Committee Members are Wendy Calder, Petra Vencatachellum, Tania McDonald and Yvette George. 

The student representatives are Eliza Mackay and Kristina Kim.

The representative of the Senior Management will be selected by Ms Roz Mexted and she will inform us.

Again thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Warmest regards,


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