Sunday, 9 June 2013

Minutes additional Parents Forum Meeting 4th of June 2013


Additional meeting TUESDAY 4th of June 2013
Present :
Beth Porteous, Barbara Scholten, Petra Praschnig, Kate Carlisle, Coralie Lush, Julia Vencatachellum
Apologies :
 Wendy Calder Jennings, Tania McDonald, Joanne Duncan, Penny Meads,
Eliza, Annuska, Kristina
This meeting was held to discuss the viability and time frame of organising the Mid Winter Christmas event on 5 July 2013.
It was decided that the time frame was too short to get it all organised.  The Parent Forum will focus on continuous/ongoing sales and guest speakers per term for a Gold Coin donation
We also did some brain storming and came up with the following   ideas:
·         USB stick: the Westlake Girl (this has been decided at our last meeting)
o   100 sticks have been ordered and will go on sale through pre-ordering and pre-payment.
o   There will be a competition to naming the “USB-girl”. The winner will receive a “USB-girl”.
o   The sale price is $20.00 per stick.
o   Information in regard to pre-ordering and payment as well as the naming will be announced shortly.
o   Any questions in regard to this please get in touch with Barbara Scholten.
·         The Parent Forum has been approached to sell the ‘old’ uniform on behalf of the Uniform shop.
o   We have decided to give it a go for one Saturday within the next few weeks.
o   The time will be between 10am and 2pm.
o   Date to be confirmed
o   The ‘old’ uniform will be available for sale for Year 9, 10 and 11.
o   We will have refreshments like tea and coffee and some nice chocolates and muffins for sale as well.
o   Barbara to get back to us with dates
·         Ask for permission to install a Apple Vending machine  - Beth will be looking into this
·         The Parent Forum will raffle a Voucher to the value of $500.00 for a new uniform.
o   Tickets will be on sale from the time Enrolment for new students starts
o   Cost of tickets:   $ 5 for 1 ticket                      $12 for 3 tickets
o   Dates will be announced as soon as we know
o   Beth will look into the dates
·         We want to establish a Second Hand Uniform shop with only the new uniform for sale.  We need to get permission from the school and all the details involved with establishing the uniform shop will be discussed at a later date this year.
·         A guest speaker for Term 3 needs to be arranged.
·         For Term 4 we have Kate Carlisle and her husband Al as our guest speakers. The subject will be announced closer to the time.
·         Further suggestions are:
o   High Tea for Poynton residents held at the school hall, no details were discussed.
o   “Trade Show” for parents to have a stand and network and introduce their business to the Westlake community.
As always, all our fundraising will support the Hardship Fund for girls in need.
The meeting closed at 9pm.
Next meeting: Tuesday 25 June 2013, 7.30 pm, Staffroom
Overview of all meetings:
25th of June
30th  of July
27th of August
24th of September
22nd of October
Friday the 9th November Teacher Morning Tea
Last meeting 26th of November

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