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Parents Forum minutes 25th of February 2014


25 February 2014



Present: Barbara Scholten, , Julia Vencatachellum, Petra Praschnig, Penny Meads, Wendy Calder-Jennings, Vandane Sharma, Cathy Roughan (Alumni Co-ordinator)


Apologies: Tania McDonald,  Susan Quinn, Annuska Menoita, Jo Duncan, Beth Porteous, Denise, Mikal


Minutes from last meeting:
Moved:                       Second: 

Minutes were not moved or seconded as there was no copy available.


Matters arising: none


Correspondence: Nil


Treasure’s Report:

There was no Treasurers report available.


$300.00 went to a Philippino family to help with their uniform cost. The family did fundraise the rest of the money to pay for two students’ uniforms.

Moneys still to come:

·         Cathy Reichs – Friends of the Library:            $      70.00

Barbara to send an email to Sarah Thornton in this regard but also needs to be checked with treasurer.

·         $1,000.00 are still to come from Roz Mexted for our contribution for the old uniform sale in July 2013  - Barbara to follow up

·         All other money owing will have been received by now but we need to wait for treasure’s report at the next meeting


Beth to organise a receipt/invoice book for Barbara for the USB sticks supplied to WGHS


Matters arising:

·         In regard to “Golden Gown” fundraiser it has been decided that we will not be hosting this event as a fundraiser

·         In regard to the old uniforms Barbara will get in touch with Heta to see if he can help her locate the old jandels so we can sell them


We welcomed Cathy Roughan who is the Alumni co-ordinator. She has been working hard to get the Alumni “family” growing. Cathy is working with Westlake Boys High School and also with the community at large.

She is especially interested to get in touch with former staff, students and their parents. She has a real interest in working closer with the Parent Forum to connect with as many current students and their families as possible. Cathy would like to find out more about the parents and their professions to link them into her network of contacts.

Also, she is looking for any kind of memorabilia eg. old uniforms, posters, etc to showcase in the Alumni.

Cathy can be contacted via email:


This year the Alumni is supporting the Technology Department in their Showcasing the Technology Department on 22 October 2014 in the evening. The Parent Forum will support this event with food and refreshments.


We are looking forward to meeting up with Cathy from time to time over the year.


Student Representatives:

·         Sadly, Annuska Menoita is resigning from the Parent Forum as her commitments as a Prefect have taken priority

·         We are currently looking for a student representative from Year 13 and also 2 student representatives from Year 12

·         Millie Jennings has been suggested as a Year 12 rep as well as Charlotte Westin

·         Julia also knows a girl who is really interested in becoming a student representative on the Parent Forum

·         Barbara also has a few girls in mind who may be interested in representing the students’ view on the Parent Forum


Senior Management Representatives:

·         We are looking forward to welcoming a senior management representative again this year to our meetings – meeting dates as follows


Fundraiser for the Year 2014:

Ø  Yvonne Godfrey has offered to be one of our guest speaker for this year. Dates to be confirmed – most likely in Term2

Ø  Cam Calkoen has also been suggested as a motivational guest speaker – the dates we have in mind would be 7th or 11th April 2014. Dates still to be confirmed

Ø  Wendy to get in touch with Tania to see if she could organise someone from “7 Days” to be one of our guest speakers, or any other person Tania may have in mind

·         Barbara has been approached by the Charity: Feed the Need to supply us with a wending machine selling “up and Go” breakfasts which is supplied by Sanitarium.

The school will receive 40c per item sold and 40c will go to “Feed the Need” non-profitable organisation.

Barbara will get in touch with Roz Mexted to discuss this matter.


Parent Forum Dates for 2014:

25 March                    Meeting at 7.30pm

06 May                        AGM

27 May                        Meeting at 7.30pm

24 June                        Meeting at 7.30pm

29 July                         Meeting at 7.30pm

26 August                    Meeting at 7.30pm

23 September             Meeting at 7.30pm

22 October                  Technology Department Showcase Evening

28 October                  Meeting at 7.30pm

07 November              Teacher Morning Tea

25 November              Last Meeting of the year at 7.30pm

28 November              Christmas Party



Meeting closed at 8.45pm                                                     

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