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Minutes PF Meeting 27th of May 2014



27 May 2014



Present:  , Beth Porteous, Barbara Scholten, Julia Vencatachellum, Petra Praschnig, Judith Horne, Gaya Trietsch, Jennifer, Charlotte


Apologies: Wendy Calder-Jennings, Penny Meads, Tania Duncan, Millie Jennings

Nobody present form the senior management team


Minutes from 25 March 2014:


Moved: Barbara Scholten                                             Seconded: Beth Porteous


Correspondence:             Nil


Treasurers Report:

Balance as of 31.12.2013                                                                                                               $ 7,208.97



24.01.2014           Uniform Group                                                 $   300.00

                                - Donation from Student Welfare Fund

24.03.2014           BM Porteous                                                     $   710.70

                                - Senior Report Evening Catering

24.03.2014           Goldenbake Bakery                                        $   416.00

                                - Senior Report Evening Catering

04.04.2014           BM Porteous                                                     $   548.15

                                - Junior Report Evening Catering              

05.05.2014           Westlake Girls                                                   $2,000.00

                                -Donation from Student Welfare Fund

10.05.2014           Roz Alladoyce                                                    $2,475.61

                                - USB sticks                                                         ________

                                                                                                                $6,450.46                             _______

                                Balance                                                                                                                                $   758.51



BNZ Bank Interest                                                                                                                           $       5.86

WGHS Board of Trustees                                                                                                              $ 1,000.00

-          Uniform Sale Donation

WGHS Board of Trustees                                                                                                              $ 2,200.00

-          Catering                                                                                                                                      ________

Bank Balance to date:                                                                                                                    $3,964.37



Profit on catering:            $525.15


Matters arising:


 A warm welcome to Judith Horne and Gaya Trietsch


·         The Uniform Group has exclusive rights to the sale of second hand uniforms



24 June 2014:

6.30 Parent forum meeting followed by:


7.30 Yvonne Godfrey Guest Speaker – Gold coin donation

Yvonne will be talking to students and parents how to prepare for life after school

o   Students to be invited to this talk as well – to be put into daily notices

o   The event is to be advertised on electronic notice board

o   We will provide tea, coffee, orange juice, crackers, cookies, grapes and cheese


·         No feedback from Grant in regard to the Roman Sandals

·         We have no speaker for Term 4

·         Hopefully we can get Cam Calkoen as speaker for Term 3

·         Barbara still needs to talk to Roz Mexted in regard to “Feed the Need” fundraiser

·         25 June Senior Parent/Teacher interviews

·         01 July Junior Parent/Teacher interviews


Ideas for fundraisers:

WGHS has plenty of USB sticks and won’t be needing any more in the foreseeable future and we need to fundraise.


·         Organising a Gala – this will be looked at in 2015

·         24 September 2014 big music evening at WGHS hall

·         Special dinner with guest speaker and silent auctions at cost of $75.00

·         To contact parents from WGHS to find out what services they could offer to donate for a silent auction

·         We need to contact Cathy from Alumni in regard to “Technology open evening”

·         Music under the Westlake “Cloud” – like Music in the Park – Barbara to talk to Rowan about practicality and protection of courts, we would also like to invite local artists and make a community event

·         At music event to sell raffle tickets for a voucher to the value of $500.00 to be spend on books, stationary, uniform or school fees and donations

o   1 ticket                 $10.00

3 tickets               $20.00

·         2nd and 3rd prices need to be discussed

·         Tickets need to be designed and printed – Barbara to talk to Mr Scull


Meeting closed at 9.00pm





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