Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Minutes PF Meeting 24th of June 2014



24th June 2014



Present:   Gaya, Moira, Jen, Charlotte, Barbara, Penny, Wendy, Milli


Apologies: Petra, Beth


Minutes from 27 May 2014:


Moved: Barbara Scholten                               Seconded: Wendy Calder


Correspondence:       Nil


Treasurers Report:    -/-


Matters arising:


-          Raffle for Voucher 500.00

-          29 July – open evening prospects Year 9 students. Barbara to introduce the raffle / Parents Forum – 4 pm 1 session and 6 pm 2 session

-          Contact Mr Scull for possible competition of designing the  raffle ticket for $ 500.00


24th September

-          One hours of music – silent auction

-          Screen with logos from the companies who have donated product.

-          Get products for silent auction

-          Liquor licence – Roz wine

-          Dan – put on website about our event.




Meeting closed at 7:15 pm.


Yvonne Godfrey started her speech at 7:30 pm. Was a big success.



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