Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Minutes PF meeting 25th of March 2014



25 March 2014



Present: Petra Praschnig, Paul Davis, Beth Porteous, Barbara Scholten, Julia Vencatachellum


Apologies: Wendy Calder-Jennings, Penny Meads, Jo Duncan, Tania Mc Donald, Denise



Minutes from 28 November 2013 meeting:


Moved: Beth Porteous                                    Seconded: Barbara Scholten


Minutes from last meeting (25 February 2015):


Moved: Petra Praschnig                                 Seconded: Barbara Scholten


Matters arising:

·         Grant will talk to Heta to find Roman Sandals


Correspondence: Nil


Treasurer’s Report:

$ 5.500 was received – USB’s

$ 1000.00 was received  - Roz Mexted


Account Balance:  $7,914.83

Moneys still to be paid:          200 USB stick dolls      $2,600.00


Moneys out going and to be received from Parent/Teacher interviews for catering for teacher dinner. Julia is helping Beth with these events.


General Business:

·         We can now confirm that we have 2 student representatives from Year 12 and 13:

Year 13:           Julia Vencatachellum

                        Millie Jennings

Year 12:           Charlotte Westin

                        Jennifer Gale

·         The PF meeting on 29 July has been changed to 22 July as there is an information evening for the new Year 9 students and their families.

·         Yvonne Godfrey has been confirmed as our guest speaker for 24 June 2014.  Yvonne works with the Parenting Place, with her main group working with young adults from age 17 – 22.

Start at 7.30 with people arriving from 7.00pm. Gold coin donation and we will have tea, coffee, juice, crackers and cheese available before her talk. This event will be held in the staff room.

·         Our scheduled PF meeting will be held before this event at 6.30pm in the staff room. With setting up of the room included in the meeting.

·         Barbara is contacting Tania McDonald in regard to a speaker for Term 4.

·         Barbara is also getting in touch with Dean Flyger in regard to having Cam Calkoen as a guest speaker.

·         Barbara will talk to Roz Mexted in regard to “Feed the Need” fundraiser to see if this concept aligns with the healthy food policy of the school.


AGM:   6 May 2014


Meeting closed: 19.45pm

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