Thursday, 2 April 2015

Minutes PF Meeting 24th of March 2015



24 March2015


Present: Barbara Scholten, Mandy Curry, Petra Praschnig, Vicki Johnson, Janet Blind, Paul Davis


Appologies: Charlotte, Penny Meads, Beth Porteous, Jen, Tania McDonald


Minutes from last meeting:


Corrections to Treasurer’s Report:

Date correction from February 2014 to 2015

Treasurer’s Report:


23 September 2014:

Balance 22/09/2014                                       $ 4,510.97

Bank interest 29/08/2014                               $____5.55

Balance as at 23/09/2014                              $ 4,516.52



24 February 2015:

Balance 23/09/2014                                                                                       $ 4,516.52



Parents Donations:                                          $    280.00

Sales Kathy Reichs Evening                             $    376.62

                                                                        $    656.62                               _________

                                                                                                                        $ 5,173.14      


BM Porteous – Technology Evening                                       $      68.16       _________


Balance as at 24/02/2015                                                                              $ 5,104.98



Correction of spelling of Name:

Cam Calkoen


Moved: Barbara Scholten                              Second: Janet Blind


Correspondence:  Nil

Treasurer’s Report: no change, see above


Matters arising:


·          We need 2 girls from Year 12 to join the Parent Forum as student representatives


·         We need helpers please for the Parent/Teacher interviews on 24 and 30 June 2015 at 2.30pm to help prepare the food and tidy up after teachers’ dinner


·         Mandy filled us in about being approached by Paper Plus for the book launch of Karina and Casey, winner of MasterChef 2014.

This will be held at WBHS on 13 April 2015. Cost $15 pp in the staff room, nibbles and drinks are available. For more detail please contact WBHS PTA.


Barbara will get in touch with Karina and Casey later in the year to see if they would be available for an evening at WGHS.


·         For further book launches Barbara will contact Paper Plus and see if we can host one for WGHS.


·         Further ideas for guest speaker:

o   Kate Sylvester (fashion designer) – Vicky will get in touch with her to see what her availability is and conditions of her speaking to parents and students

o   Alison Mooney (personality profiler) – Vicky will get in touch with her

o   Allyson Gofton (celebrity chef) – Petra to get in touch with her

o   Josh Emmet (celebrity chef) – Barbara to get in touch with him


·         Barbara to get in touch with Grant in regard to staffroom bookings


·         Vicky to follow up on a movie night at the Bridgeway


·         Main fundraiser is the performance night of the combined Westlake orchestra

Rowan will be on maternity leave from 30 March 2015. Fiona Wilson and Vicky Hall will be looking after the orchestra


·         WBHS is holding a Christmas Fair at the end of October 2015. If anyone is interested to have a stall at the Christmas Fair please contact WBHS PTA. This is held like a European Christmas market.


·         WBHS PTA held a “Meet the Leaders” evening mainly for Year 9 parents and anyone who was interested. Drinks and nibbles were provided. They had speakers to introduce:


Board of Trustees


Foundation Board

Head Boy



·         It was suggested that we hold an evening for new parents in regard to explain NCEA (Never Clearly Explained Assessment)

We would like your feedback on this please


·         Donna Pike (Assistant Principal) will be speaking at the AGM on 28 April 2015, at 7.30pm in the staffroom in the Administration Building. Drinks and nibbles will be provided.

Meeting closed at 8.40pm


Next meeting: AGM 28 April 2015 at 7.30

            There will be a short PF meeting at 6.30




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