Thursday, 2 April 2015

Minutes PF Meeting 24th of February 2015



24 February 2015


Present: Barbara Scholten, Charlotte, Penny Meads, Beth Porteous, Petra Praschnig, David Wang, Grace Hao, Marlene Robinson, Vicki Johnson, Janet Blind, Jane Pinder


Appologies: Jen, Robin Andrews


Minutes from last meeting:

Moved: Petra Praschnig                                 Second: Beth


Correspondence:  Nil


Treasurer’s Report:


23 September 2014:

Balance 22/09/2014                                       $ 4,510.97

Bank interest 29/08/2014                               $____5.55

Balance as at 23/09/2014                              $ 4,516.52



24 February 2014:

Balance 23/09/2014                                                                                       $ 4,516.52



Parents Donations:                                          $    280.00

Sales Kathy Reichs Evening                             $    376.62

                                                                        $    656.62                               _________

                                                                                                                        $ 5,173.14      


BM Porteous – Technology Evening                                       $      68.16       _________


Balance as at 24/02/2015                                                                              $ 5,104.98



Matters arising:


AGM:  28 April 2015 at 7.30pm in staff room.


Barbara extended a warm welcome to the new parents to the Parent Forum. She went on to explain the Student Welfare Fund to the new parents.



We are aiming to have one guest speaker per term for community involvement and education.


Suggestions: Kem Calcoughn

                      Allyson Gofton

We are welcoming any suggestions in regard to interesting speakers. Please contact Barbara via email with your suggestions or come to our next meeting.


We still need speakers for Terms 2, 3 and 4.


Main Fundraiser:

Concert Westlake (Boys and Girls) orchestras with cultural dancing. This will be in conjunction with Westlake Boys PTA and will be held at the auditorium at Westlake Boys. Barbara to talk to Rowan from the music department in regards to available dates. Barbara to report back at next meeting. Barbara also to talk to Mandy from WBHS PTA in regard to coordinating the event.


Other Fundraising suggestions:


·         Coffee and dessert – meet/connect with other parents

·         Cinema Evening – Berkley or Bridgeway Cinemas

·         Sausage sizzle for teacher/parent evenings – dates needed

·         Style Doctors

·         Girls Night Out – Camille School of Beauty


Barbara: Please get in touch with Jane Downey in regard to WG event calendar for open dates.


We are developing a form to find out the talent and support possibilities of the Westlake Girls parents/caregivers. If you have any suggestions please contact Barbara via email or come to our next meeting.


Meeting closed: 8.40 pm


Next meeting:

24 March 2015 at 7.30 in staff room (administration building)




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